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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 26, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>>e're starting off with severe weather in the midwes storms are already pummelling the chicago area, bringing soaking rains and dangerous winds. it'sne of the ar's worst weather systems in seven decades. knocking out power to thousands throughout illinois. several sgle engine planes broke loose in a smaller airport of the suburbs. >> the extreme weather partially collapsed twobuildings. can you see a pile of rubble on the sidewalk next to them. high winds also toppled trees and left homes and vehles damaged. luckily, no reports of any serious injuries. >> as you've just heard, more than 300 flights out of chicago were cancelled this morning, flights to the midwest out of reagan and dulles airports are delayed more than an hour. there are also delays on flights headed to philly and new york. let's nd out more about that wicked weather in the midwest.
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>> doug kammerer is a over it, and he joins us from the storm center. >> possibly one of the worst storms ty've seen in about 70 year just amazing how strong this storm is. just the amount of people this storm is going to affect across the eastern two thirds of the nation. right now satellite and radar showing that area of low pressure centered around minnesota, right around minneapolis, in places ju to the west have received winds upwards of 60 miles an hour. the cold front ahead of that storm is producing tornados and tornado warnings throughouthe afternoon. we saw them yesterday as well. that line will continue to make its way off toward the east. we are seeing those winds gusting and they will continue to gust throughout the next few hours. and really throughout the next 24 hours into that area. we're talking about the upper midwest portions of the northern high plains. 51 mile an hour wind gusts last hour in bismarck. 36 around the chicagoland area. they're expected to increase as we move through the evening. this is going to be a very hard hit area.
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mike seidel from the weather channel has been there all afternoon. >> today it's blowing sand. lookt the windses turning these trees into pieces. they have bulldozers already working the streets. this street is closed because by later tonight and tomorrowe're going to have the wave action from lake michigan coming up to beh street. you have about four or five footers. boy that stings. they're going to see 12 footers as we go into tonight and tomorrow. these winds are gusting 45 miles an hour, we will have gusts as high as 65 to 70 miles an hour right on through tomorrow night. that's why we have the high wind warning out on the lake. we expect wave heights as high as 20 to 25 feet. as the severe weather goes by, the only other issue will be additional power outages. >> mike seidel has the tough job. he was in that rain, there's
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also blizzard warnings for the first time this season back toward north dakota. we're going to see some of this, but it's not going to be nearly as bad here. right now, 73 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures into the 70s, sterling at 72. we now have a wind advisory in effect for the overnight areas well to the west, including louden county, this is for the blue ridge, especially some of those higher peaks we could be seeing winds gustingo 40 to 50 miles an hour overnight. the line of thunderstorms making its way into parts of west virginia. most of that state under a tornado wah. we could see some strong storms here as well in the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. but your forecast through 11:00, i think things will be on the calm side just a little breezy with, temratures in the 60s, i'll have much more on this storm system and the effects on our area coming up a little later on. >> thanks doug. now, we're following breaking news in a series of
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shootis in government facilities. the fbi has announced there has been aanother shooting, this time overnight. in the past ten days now, someone has fired shots at the pentagon in arlington, we have a news 4 crew on the way to the recruiting station in chantilly, we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. police are questioning a teenager found driving the vehicle belonging to a murdered american university professor. the teen crashed sue marcum's vehicle during a long chase. >> reporter: 52-year-old sue marcum was found dead inside her bethesda home monday morning. there were signs of forced entry and a struggle. her jeep cherokee with a missing. about 12 hours later t suv was spotted by police in the district of columbia.
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the 18-year-old behind the wheel tried to flee, but crashed the stol jeep and was taken into custody. montgomery county investigators are trying to figure out if that man is in anyway connect to the murder. >> investigators want to determine how he came into possession of her vehicle, and what he knows about the entry into her home and her death. >> we have spoken with him already this morning, and we may speak with him again. pending on wha we find after we've exam bedd vehicle more closely, and spoken with him again, we'll know more about his role and how much he knows, and what he may be involved in. >> sue marcum taught accounting at american university, flags on campus are flying at half staff in her mery. the motive behind the murder is unclear. and students say it's all hard to believe. >> she was an amazing professor.
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she did a great job explaining everything. >> reporter: the 18-year-old found in marcum's car is facing charges in connection with driving a stolen vehicle, but no murder charges have been filed. in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> the victim's neighbor is talking about what happened on the morning her body was found. we'll have that part of the story coming up at 5:00 tonight. pat? >> it's day two, and the trial of the man charged with killing chandra levy. ingm ingm ingmar guindice is charged with her murder. chandra's father told police she was not the type to jog alonen a park. he then suspected gary condit with whom chandra was romantically linked, that's before he knew about ingmar. pat collins will have much more in a live report coming up at
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5:00. hazmat crews are called in after a suspicious letter turned up at a local school. an envelope with white powder was sent to ann beers elementary in southeast washington. the powder is not dangerous. no one has been injured, the fbi says two similar letters have been sent to d.c. schools this year. they, police, are working to see if there's a connection. d.c.'s department of transportation is getting an earful today from angry commuters upset with their decision to move the slug line. the pickup spot must move. they were handed a flyer stating was against the rules to wait at 14th street between h and new york avenue. they were told to relocate one glok over where it' less congested. we'll ha much more coming up at 5:00 tonight. fewer people arebuses in th
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months of the year. ridership fell 9%. bus riders took nearly 124 million trip rs last year, that's 10 million fewer at that point year before. part of the drop may be the result of the fare increases that took effect over the summer. they say it's also a reflection of unemployment and the economy. all this week jon stewart is here in d.c. to tape his daily show last night the show poked fun at d.c.'s unusual traffic patterns. you. >> just have to get to the supreme court, it's on second stre street. >> they don't even intersect. and the columns everywhere, the indistinguishable columns. this town is siltaneously magnificent and useless. it's like they designed the whole thing as a metaphor.
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>> all right. >> stewart is taping his show this week at sydney harmon hall. hi sws are called when grizzlies attack, the daily sow midterm tea party ganza. this all leads up to rallies he and stevencobert are planning saturday at the national mall. you. >> knew it was going to smell trouble when they came to town. let's get the big traffic picture out on our roads right now. >> how are things looking at this hour? >> you can't argue with them out there, because it's pretty typical, we have big delays and it's pretty nasty out here. let's jump to the capital beltway. the inner loop is going to be heavy, tha lineup will begin around georgetown ke and take you up toward 270. the outer loop headed away from us, inching along, leaving 270. fortunately, no major accidents. this is just volume. as we travel around bethesda.
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back on the brakes you go,s you make your way toward connecticut avenue. we're jammed up right now. getting word of possibly new accident activity o the outer loop prior to 270 along 95 this afternoon, headed southbound, main line is heavy from springfield toward the top your screen, it's due to a disabled vehicle along the left side prior to the hov merge. >> thanks, ashley. we are coming down to the wire, midterm elections take place one week from today. ch of the focus has been on which party will control congress next year. the governor's races could have an impact on congress for years to come. steve handlesman has our report >> ebay billionaire meg whitman has spent 163 million mostly of her own dollars in the california governor's race. but democrat jerry brown spending 25 million is polling 8
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points ahead. in florida, republican ric scott's put an estimated $60 million of his own money in the governor's race. in last night's debate, neither scott nor democrat aex sink could name the minimum wage in their economically hard hit state. it's $7.25. >> 7.55. >> is that right? >> yes. >> 7.25. close. >> another big state, texas republican incumbent governor rick perry is polling about 10 points ahead in his race for re-election. in a sign of this political year, ohio's incumbent democratic governor ted strickland is polling behind in his race. with republican jo cas. he knows why all americans ought to care who wins the state races. after the census, it's time to redistrict. for the house of representatives, the party in
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power in each state canremap the districts. >> those boundaries often determine before the election, which party is going to control the districts. those few districts, the difference that it make there's california, in ohio, in florida, could tell the difference between whether nancy pelosi or john boehner is going to be speaker. >> reporter: not next year, in 2012, one of the sure ripple effects from these midterms. >> another effect could be to discourage self-financed candidates like meg whitman if she does fail to win the california governor's race. steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. when news 4 at 4:00 continues. the political debate turns into a fight between supporters. > 23.5 ounces and it's 12% alcohol. that's the equivalent of 5 to 6 beers in a can. >> the dangerous drink combines caffeine and alcohol. and now some college campuses are trying to get them banned from store shelves.
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the time machine, is that a delorean? >> plus, michael j. fox and "the cast of back to t [ ehrlich ] four years ago unemployment in maryland was under four percent. today, it's nearly double. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders
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are loing for work. in addition, we face a national health carelan that will hursmall business and cost us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago? we're heading in t wrong direction. we need strong leadership. say no to things we can't afford. fix our health care plan. and refuse to raise taxes. martin o'malley can't do it. i will.
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the kentucky senate race has been one of the most emotional races in aolitical season that's already been unusually combative. the trend continued outside the
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final debate in the kentucky race. supporters of rand paul wrestled a woman to the ground. she was wearing a blonde wig, glasses and a red hoody sweat as a result. the woman is a member of she was trying to give paul a fake award when his supporters attacked her. rand paul's campaign expressed a stement calling the scuffle incredibly unfortunate. new developments in the case of college students who thought someone spiked their drinks at an offcampus party. noit turns out the nine students from central washington university all drank something called four loco which is a caffeinated malt liquor. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> i guess i wanted to say, sorry for the negative attention brought on the campus. >> reporter: devon smith after
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hearing news that what sent her to the hospital two weeks ago was not a spiked drink as first expected. smith was one of nine students rushed to the hospital after tending an offcampus party on october 8th. the students started viting and in some cases passing out. >> of the nine that were transported to the hospital, w saw blood alcohol levels ranging from .123 to .335. i want to remind people that .3 can be considered lethal. >> the police report indicates there was heavy drinking at the underaged party including beer, voa and rum. police put special blame on four loco, a caffeinated malt lick ir. >> our investigation showed that every one of them that were hospitalized had drank four loco. this is a can of four loco. it's 23.5 ounces and is the equivalent of 5 to 6 beers in one can.
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>> the drink has been banned from the campus after it sent a handl of students to the hospital. central washington university has also banned the drink and believes alcohol education is crucial. >> we've been holding meetings with students and educating students about the dangers of this particular class of beverage. >> reporter: rob mckenna believes these drinks should be banned nationally. >> the problem with drinking a drink like this, you may not be aware of how much alcohol you are ingesting. >> reporter: fusion project the company behind the drink says it goes to great lengths to make sure the product is not sold to underaged drinkers, including special labels on its can. they also say, it's being unirly blamed. that the central washington students were drinking all kinds of alcohol. and in a written statement added, our products are not energy inks as they've been called and when consumed responsibly, they are just as safe as any other alcoholic
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beverage. >> now, the company also says consuming caffeineand alcohol together has been done safely for years. four loco has nine different flavors. an update on our breaking news story this afternoon. news of another series of shootings at a government facility, this time in chantilly, virginia. the fbi has announced there was another set of shootings overnight. th is the marine corps station located chantilly. these are live pictures from chopper 4, it appears the facility is being evacuated at this hour fp in the past ten days, someone has fired shots atted national museum at the marine corps in triangle, virginia. and then there were the shootings on the pentagon in arlington. he's latest shootings overnight taking place at the marine corps station in chantiy, virginia. live pictures om chopper 4. >> you can seehese are police canvassing the area there, probably i would assume looking for casings.
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again, we're not certain how many shots were fired. these pickeds live from chopper 4 over chantilly marine station. we had gotten word that some people had been evacuated. this looks like a parking lot there. people milling about, but we also see some people looking on the ground as though they're trying to find casings or any sign of what was left behind. we'll have much me, jackie benson is enroute to the scene and will bring you the late wheft we come right back on news 4. take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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or by month. ou can set a budget... and it'll even alert you when you're getting close to the amount you've set -- and when you've gone over. spending zone is built to help you keep better track of your spending. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. it's been a little cloudy, and we're getting some of that storm system? >> yes. >> this storm is such a huge storm. it's really encompasng about half of the country. half of the nation's population is go to be affected by this storm in one way or another. the bulk of the activity will stay toward the great lakes region. for us, we're going to be dealing with windy conditions. the potential is there for strong thunderstormsvernight tonight and into tomorrow as well. outside right now, can you see plenty of cloud cover, we've really been socked in with tho
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clouds throughout the afternoon. temperatures right now, 73 degrees. even with the clouds, we're above average as we see the wind 10 les an hour. 73 in manassas. 73 in la plata. not a whole lot of wind out there, yet. but i do expect those winds to increase over the next couple hours. 23 mile an hour wind gusts right now in martinsburg, 18 in winchester, this aa under a wind advisory through 4:00 a.m. for the potential of 50, maybe 60 mile an hour winds. it includes portions of louden county, down toward la plata as well. here are the clouds we're seeing right now, back to the west, that's the cold front located back to the west. look how fast these storms are moving. they've been clocked at 70 miles an hour, they have been producing tornado warnings all across the ohio river valley. the same system will make its way through our area tonht.
4:25 pm
there's a chance of strong storms and maybe an isolated tornado in our region tonight. very windy behind this storm, that cold front coming through right around 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning. the activity could come through a little earlier. look at the winds to the west, 44 mile an hour wind gusts in green bay. 40 in minneapolis. they're expecting winds gusting upwards of hurricane force in some locations. this is just one strong storm. it's going to be maki its way through our area as well. once the cold front moves through, during the day tomorrow, another chance of showers and storms tomorrow. then we relax a little bit. we're not going to get the strongest winds, we're not going to see the worst part of that storm as it makes its way into canada. wh we will see is breezy, not windy conditions and much cooler conditions as well. highs on friday near the 55 to degree mark. even with plenty of sunshine. winds will be on the increase, 68 to 72 degrees. tomorrow morning, overnight tonight, we'll see a good chance foshowers and thunderstorms.
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some of those could b strong, breezy and mild conditions. 59 to 64 degrees with winds gusting upbarred wards of 30 to 40 miles an hour. tomorrow, some of the storms severe. i think tomorrow the best chance for severe weather will be south and st of the district. 74 on thursday. only 58 on friday. 63 on saturday. and right now, the weekend is looking pretty good. of course, it's halloween. >> that's right. thanks, doug. >> i'll be going out. when we come back, charlie sheen accused of throwing furniture in a new york hotel. then he checks himself into hospital. the latest on this bizarre incident. also ahead at 4:30, new warning for patients and students about the bullying taking place in schools around the country. the mother of a woman who became famous abt hiccups talks about the murder her daughter is facing. and we're following breaking news at this hour, we'll have
4:27 pm
the latest on shootings at a military recruiting center in
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we're back with an update on that breaking news, shots fired at another military facility.
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>> this is breaking at this hour in chantilly, virginia, where shots have been fired on the grounds of the marine corps recruiting station in chantilly. these are live chopper 4 pictures. this latest incident apparently happened overnight. it's the latest in a series of shootings at military facilities in the past ten days. someone has fired shots at the marine corps in triangle virginia, then there were shootings at the pentagon in arlington. the fbi is conducting ballistic tests here on the grounds in chantilly, virginia. we will have more on this story coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> we're looking at live pictures of the stp mall, and it looks as though some workers may be standing outside. earlier we saw what appeared to be police cadets canvassing the ground looking for what we can assume would be bullet casings or any signs of those shootings that again happened overnight. the fbi is conducting ballistics tests to see if there is a
4:31 pm
connection between the tee locations. we'll have much more at 5:00 tonight again. >> the government is sending a warning to schools around the nation. teachers and administrators are being asked to do whatever they can to stop bullying at the school. the education department says certain situations have just ne too far. kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: at a recent school meeting in indiana >> it is your legal obligation to keep our kids safe at the school. >> outraged parents bgs the board to crack down on bullies. >> something better be done. because somebody's going to end up dead. >> reporter: after a nationwide seriesf suicides by students who have bn bullied, the department of education is trying to make clear what schools should do. in a conference call, officials detailed a letter sent to schools across the country, giving guidance on when bullying becomes a civil rights violation. >> anti-gay bullying can often
4:32 pm
take the form of harassment. harassment on the basis of these stereotypes is prohibited sex discriminaon. >> reporter: and all types of bullying may be more prevalent than many think. 55% of boys and 33% of girls admit they themselves bullied, teased or taunted someone in the last year. 44% of boys and half of girls say they have been victims. while more than a quarter of public school students say they don't feel safe at school. >> i've gotten my head smashed onhe cement more times. >> reporter: the school system rehinding educators they are also protecters. the white house also announced plans for a huge conference scheduled for early next year to raise awareness of theproblems of bullying, and also to talk mo about how to end it. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news 4. we're learning more now about thmurder arrest of that florida teenager whose weeks
4:33 pm
long case of the hiccups brought her national attention. general ever mee and two men were jailed in the murder of a n they say they were trying to rob. police say a scuffle broke out during the robbery, but mee was not involved in the shooting. on a radio show, mee's mom said the worldwide fame brought by her case of the hiccups caused her problems with people she met. >> i've said for a while now that her case of the hiccups wasn't a case of thehiccups, was a curse of the hiccups. jennifer is a lovable sweet little girl that would not hurt a fly. and where things went wrong, i don't know. >> all three are being held now without bond. testimony in the trial of tom delay is expected to begin next monday. jury selection got underway today in austin, texas. delay was indicted five years ago. the case has been delayed by a number of appeals, the pretrial
4:34 pm
rulings. delays accused of money laundering. prosecutors say he illegally funneledorporate money to help republicans in texas in legislate races in 2002. he earned the nickname the hammer when he was the second most powerful leader in the house during the george w. bush years. critics say his style was heavy handed. when we come right back at 4:00, a former americandol judge is getting her own show. halloween came a few days early for these folks. the reason for the zombie walk coming upnext. plus, one of the busiest spots in virginia for people to walk around is in the dark. stay with us.
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look out,ood thing it's not dark there. two dozen zombies have innovated the streets of new york city. the walking dead limp their way through the city today. no, they're not real. the whole spectacle was part of a campaign promoting "the walking dead." the zombies still have 26 more cities to hau before the show premieres. you guessed it, on halloween. >> they're already dressed for it. >> they are. actor charlie sheen was taken to a hospital in new york for a psychiatric evaluation early this morning. >> sheen's spokesman said he had an allergic reaction to some medication that's not the story being told
4:38 pm
in new york. a law enforcement source said a woman called the front desk at the plaza hotel this morning. shn was highly intoxicated and throwing furniture around his suite watt the hotel on 5th avenue. his ex-wife denise richards and their two children were stayg elsewhere at the same hotel. sheen was released from rehab just two months ago after an incident that involved a different ex-wife and criminal charges. a former "american idol" judge has a new tv series. she's coming to the bravo network. her new show is a song writing competition. contestants will live together while competing for the show's $100,000 grand prize. the ten episode series is scheduled to premiere next year
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37. >> you might not believe it, but 25 years ago, marty, doc and a souped up delorean became household names in "back to the future." >> let'selebrate the anniversary with the time traveling cast on the today show this morning with meredith vieira. ♪ >> a teenager, an inventor and a sports car >> you built a time machine? out of a delorean? >> in the first script it was a refrigerator. we realized if you were going to build a time machine, it should be out of a vehicle. >>eporter: "back to the future" was the number one movie at the box office for eight straight weeks, going on to become the highest grossing movie of the year. it fit nicely into the sci-fi
4:40 pm
genre. using doc brown's invention, marty is sent from 1985 back to 1955 where he must make sure his parents meet and fall in love. >> i'm george, george mcfly. >> reporter: but by interfering he alters history and almost eres himself from the future. after repairing the damage, marty must find a way to return to presents day. originally eric stolgts wasast as marty mcfly. after five weeks of shooting, fox was recast in the role. because of his commitment to family ties, had to film through the night in order to make itssummer release date. >> in about 30 years -- >> back to the future went on to produce two more films, making one of the most successful trilogies of all time. >> do people still call you
4:41 pm
mcfly when you're traveling? >> yeah, like in butan. a bunch of monks ca by an one of them went marty mcfly. >> roads? we don't need roads. >> it's ironic that a movie about time travel is timeless. >> that blu-ray high def just pops out, doesn't it? >> those movies bring back memories, they were fun. when news 4 at 4:00 continues. the federal panel looks into the idea of code sharing. the king of pop is still breaking records. we're coming right back. this wasn't a terrorist attack it was death by metro, death by mismanagement.
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i lled for an immediate audit, the results were chilling. so i insisted metro actually follow national safety standards for the first time. the brass at metro wasn't happy, but frankly i don't care. i'm not the senator for metro, i'm the senator for maryland. i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message.
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another update on our breaking news story at this hour, more shootings on military facilities. the latest shooting happened overnight in chantilly, virginia. these are live chopper 4 pictures of the facility where the fbi has been conducting ballistics tests there. this is the latest incident on a military facility in the past ten days, someone has fired shots at the national museum triangle, virginia, and shootings at the pentagon building. the fbi has just said the same gun was used at the pentagon and the marine corps museum and they're trying to determine whether this latesteries of shootings at the recruing station in chantilly is reled to thether two incidents. we'll have the latest on this
4:45 pm
breaking story coming up at 5:00. when you book a ight with a major airline, you probably expect to be flown by that carrier, but often it turns out that a smaller regional airline is actually operating the flight, and there are growing concerns now about in a practice. tom costello is here now in our studio with more on the story. tom? >> good aernoon, jim. the sb has safety concerns about these code sharing agreements, every fatal airline accident for the last nine years has involved a regiol airline usually flying with a bigger airline's logo painted on the plane. it was the crash of flight 3407 in buffalo last year that has focused a spotlight on airline code sharing arrangements. the passengers on flight 3407 bought tickets on a continental flight. the continental flight was really flown by a regional carrier. among the 50 people who died, 34-year-old jazz guitarist
4:46 pm
coleman mellett. >> i think if you would have asked him which airlines he was flying, he would have said continental. >> reporter: the captain and first officer wre in over their heads, having failed faa test check rides. failed to monitor their air speed and then performed the wrong maneuver when warnings sounded causing a pne to stall and crash. now the ntsb is looking at the business of code sharing, how much it saves the airlines an what it means for passenger safety. >> wthink the public has a right to know when they're going to be changing airlines. >> regional airlines insist the reseation system andickets make that very clear. >> this is a ticket from cincinnati to harrisburg that says very clearly exactly what airline you are on. at all times. >> and say the regionals, they've doubled down on safety since the buffalo crash. >> we are committed to do everything possible to make sure that there is never another
4:47 pm
accident. >> regional airlines which paid their crews lower was than the major airplanes make up half of all commercial flights flown every day. the families of flight 3407 believe if the major airlines are going to paint their logos on a regional plane, they should share more responsibility. >> i would like to see the liability also flow to the major airline as it does to the region airline. so that there's real culpability and real responsibility. >> the major airlines say it's up to the faa and the regionals to ensure the is one standard of safety across all airlines that is supposed to be exactly what the rules and regutions are. but last year, the inspector general found it doesn't exist. that some smaller regional airles are not up to the standardses of the major carriers. >> now, are the major airlines cooperating with these major carriers to improve safety? >> up untilthe buffalo crash they had not been since buffalo, and really with the faa screaming at them,
4:48 pm
they've started to cooperate, trying to get the smaller airlines tocoordinatend cooperate with the bigger airlines and hopefully share some of the bigger airline safety culture. >> it's a different world out there in the skies these ys. tom costello, thanks. doug is back with us. we hear it could be a rough night? >> it couldbe a rough night for some of us out thre. chance of thunderstorms, some of those could be strong. and there's actually the potential for isolated severe thunderstorms and isolated tornados overnighttonight. that coming directlyfrom the national weather service. you see plenty of cloud cover, we will see those clouds throughout the evening hours, current temperatures sitting at 73 degrees right now, winds out of the south at about 10 miles an hour. humidity up around 80%. can you feel it when you step out. 72 in sterling, culpepper, virginia coming in around 75 degrees. not much in the way of wind now, i expect the wind can increase
4:49 pm
overnight. 17 in winchester, 20 in wayne chester, 20 down toward manassas as well. we have an advisory in effect for louden county, potential for some 40 to 50 mile an hour winds, especially along some of the higher peaks of the blue ridge. the storm system itself still back to the west, the cold front making its way tough the ohio river valley right now, about a dozen tornado warnings today, we could be dealing with that overnight tonight in our location as ell. here's why, the cold front making its way through the region, bringing us storms overnight tonight through about 6:00 a.m., tomorrow, maybe a lull tomorrow morning, t front lingers across our area, maybe another chance of severe weather tomorrow afternoon, and then it gets a lot cooler as we head to the end of the week. your forecast for this evening, 68 do 72 degrees, some of the storms coulde strong overnight. we'll keep you updated on those
4:50 pm
storms right here on nbc 4. tomorrow rain thunderstorms likely, possibly severe once again. st chance tomorrow will be to the south and east of the district. as we move on through the next four days, 74 on your thursday. only 58 on fray, with plenty of sun. raer breezy friday, things calm down a lot during the day on saturday. the weekend is looking pretty good. >> thank you, doug. you bet. coming up at 4:00, lion cubs at the zoo taking a dip. >> why one popular area in ntagon city is pitch black. take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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bob rlich's 24 years in politics. in congress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special interests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increase in the minimum wage. and after losing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbng firm and got paid $2.5 million to represent casinos and wall street banks. bob rlich--24 years of putting the special interests first.
4:53 pm
the national zoo's new lion cubs are learning how to swim. >> a day animal keepers put the cubs into the water to make sure they're le to survive in their new home. swim practice took place at the tiger/lion exhibit at the zoo in northwest. each c used the power of its little paws to try to stay afloat. the purpose of the swimming test is to ensure the cubs th safely maneuver the moat. and if a goes well, they're able to join their mother in the moat, will be able to join her later this year. >> that one there not having any of it. climbing out of the water. he never made forbes celebrity 100 list during his life, but in death, michael jackson earned more than anyone on this year's list aside from oprah winfrey. >> this year the late kingf pop is top, bringing in $275 million. that's more than the rest of the 12 dead stars on that list
4:54 pm
combined. in second place, elvis presley, whose estate brought i 60 million last year. j.r.t toliken. and rounding out the top fight, charles schultz and johnlennon. why the streetlights are all out in a popular area of pentagon city. 3q
4:55 pm
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pentagon city is one of the busiest spots for pedestrians here in the washington area right now there's a big safety factor missing. jackie benson has more from arlington where residents are asking, where have all the lights gone? >> reporter: at one of the busiest intersections in arlington's pentagon city area, it's so dark that people on the sidewa are literally bumping into each other. on south hayes street at the entrance to peagon city mall, all six streetlights are out, and it's been that way for weeks. >> i come here with my study group. when we leave, it's always dark around here, i'm just used to it, i really haven't gotten -- paid any attention to it since you said anything. but, yes, it's always dark. >>eporter: the lack of light also makes crossing the street a challenge. pedestrians have just 25 seconds
4:58 pm
to navigate the lanes of south hayes street. once the traffic signal changes, stranglers are almost invisible to oncoming cars. >> do you worry now that it's getting darker earlier? >> i do, but i take a cab homeworking late as a waitress. >> reporter: stetlights are designed to deter crime by lighting up an area. this section of arlington does enjoy aelatively low crime rate. plus, with bot daylight savings and holiday shopping time approaching. many wld like to see things brightened up here. does it look dark to you here? >> yeah. >> reporter: jackie benson, news 4. >> that's news 4 at 4:00, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. severe storms sweep through
4:59 pm
the nation's midsection, leaving a trail of destruction. tornados uprooted trees, maher lines, the weather also caused hundreds of flight delays and canceltions and now it is headed here. brace yourself for some big weather changes over the next couple hours. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> that same storm system that moved through the central u.s. is heading our way, folks. let's get straight to doug kammerer, who's tracking the conditions for us. >> this is such a huge storm system, affecting about half of the cotry during the day today and into the next couple days as well. for us, we're not ing to get the most direct impact. there is a chance for strong thunderstorms and an isolated tornado or two. the storm itself is well back tord the west, minnesota and wisconsin as well. parts of the illinois area, where chicago has reported 500 flight cancellations today. not becae of rain, not because of snow, but just because of wind. this is a b


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